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Reality TV Show: Relationship + General Casting

My name is Phillip Barbb (@PhillipAndrewLA), and I am a TV Producer will Best Production Company / All3Media America in Los Angeles.

Our team has projects with Netflix, Amazon, Fox, Discovery, including Ultimate Tag (Fox), Undercover Boss (CBS), The Great American Baking Show (ABC), and El Corazon de Sergio Ramos. (Amazon)

We currently are casting a relationship show and are looking for: Separated Spouses, Divorced Couples, or Long-Term Relationships that may have ended too soon. We want to help people either a) get back together with stronger relationship than before, or B) strengthen people to be ready to get back out there and find their soulmate.

Does this fit your current situation, or do you know someone in your life that matches that description?

(**Also, in addition to this relationship show, let me know what type of show you are interested in participating in, as we have many others casting at the moment. Thank you)

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