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Summertime is here!

Spending time with friends.


Family gatherings.

Graduation Parties.





There are so many fun things happening during the summer months.

Summertime represents fun. It has ever since we were little kids and looked forward to summer vacation from school.

But how do you juggle the inherent desire to enjoy all the fun of summer vs. taking care of your responsibilities of working towards your goals?

Maybe you are working towards that new promotion, or getting your body healthy and in shape, or getting up early to attack your to-do list, or studying a new language for that upcoming vacation.

Whatever your goals are…resistance will find you.

As soon as you sit down to study you are going to get invited to a party.

The second that you decide to go on that diet, a friend is going to show up at your place with cupcakes.

The instant that you begin to write up that new business plan, you’re going to get an Instagram notification and get distracted.

When you make the choice to go to bed early so you can start tomorrow with energy, passion, and fire, that’s when you get that late-night text of “u up?” or “hey girl, you wanna cuddle?”

Resistance will find you.

Now I am not saying to lock yourself in your apartment or house and avoid fun this summer. Get out there and have fun with friends and family and enjoy the weather. However, I am saying that you still need to keep your goals in mind and hold yourself accountable to them.

To use a food analogy. You need to make the decision you aren’t going to eat pizza before the pizza is 6 inches away from your mouth. Know where your weaknesses are. Know where you struggle. Think about the scenarios you will likely be in and then make the decisions ahead of time how you want to behave in those scenarios.

Hold yourself accountable.

This isn’t summer vacation. This is your life. Make the most of it.

Understand and accept that the resistance is going to find you, so you need to be prepared and you need to be strong with the decisions you make.

Happy Summer Y’all.

- PhillipAndrewLA

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