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This is my first blog in sometime. I am currently producing a new TV show and while I love the show, it has been very time consuming. In addition to work, I have been redecorating my apartment, and just like that, I haven’t posted in over a month. Do you have a goal you set that you haven’t been working towards?

Is there something that has been on your ‘TO DO LIST’ that you haven’t taken any action on in 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 months? Look, just like when Forrest Gump was running cross country and ran through dog poop…Life Happens. Haha. And guess what, it is going to continue to happen. There will be unexpected events, there will be new challenges at work, there are different seasons of life, etc. It’s okay. We don’t chase perfection, but let’s get back to progress. Here are three steps to get back on track with the goals you have been putting off: 1) HAVE A SHORT MEMORY

Elite athletes know that they need to have a short memory in regards to their mistakes. Lebron James, Steph Curry, James Harden… they all make mistakes. They will not be flawless every game. If every time they made a mistake or missed a shot, they began to emotional shut down and began to beat themselves up over it, they would never be able to move forward. Resilience is all about pushing through when your motivation is at zero...not when the tank is full. 

Stop judging yourself so harshly, give yourself a break, and understand you will make mistakes. You do not need to be perfect. And when you make a mistake or miss your goals for a while… Have a short memory and get back to it. 2) REMEMBER YOUR WHY (or create a stronger one)

What is your why? 

It is easy to lose motivation or get off track when you don’t stay focused on the WHY?

Why is it a goal? Why do you want it? 

When you know your WHY, you create purpose, you create urgency, you understand your passion, you think about the people that are counting on you... you need to have a strong WHY. 

If you don’t have a why, you lose steam because you don’t have a strong reason to act. When your body or mind or schedule is trying to stop your mission, your WHY needs to be stronger than the resistance to keep you on path. 

If you know your WHY, repeat it out loud 3 times to yourself. If you don’t know your WHY, take out a pen and paper and write down all the reasons that accomplishing your goal is important and necessary. Create a Strong why. 3) DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT

There will be no perfect day to get back on track. Stop waiting for the magical morning you wake up and are filled with super human motivation. It isn’t coming; you need to create it.

Make the decision that today is the day you get back to the routine.  You don’t need to worry about getting it perfect, you don’t need to worry about getting it all 100% completed today…just get started. Take the first step.

No one else can do the work that is needed for your goals…you need to do it. And you need to do today’s work before you can do tomorrow’s. Start the process today. Done is better than perfect. RECAP: I don’t care if it has been 6 months since you last worked on your goals or if it is a dream you haven’t taken any action towards… Let today be the day. Remember the three keys to getting back on track: 1) Have A Short Memory 2) Remember your Why, or create a stronger one. 3) Done Is Better Than Perfect I Love you all. Have a great Tuesday. Let me know your thoughts and please tag a friend that would appreciate some motivation today. 

I always appreciate your comments and share. Thanks.



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