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ATTENTION ALL COUPLES...Are you meeting your significant other’s emotional needs? I am no relationship expert. I am not going to give you dating or marriage advice from personal experience. I am, however, going to share some fascinating information from someone who is an expert. I would love to hear your thoughts and insights. I finished reading “His Needs, Her Needs” by Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr, and he provides stories and advice on how to “build an affair-proof marriage” from his decades of counseling couples. He identifies ‘The Most Important Emotional Needs” for men and women as: 1. Affection 2. Sexual Fulfillment 3. Conversation 4. Recreational Companionship 5. Honesty and Openness 6. An Attractive Spouse 7. Financial Support 8. Domestic Support 9. Family Commitment 10. Admiration While all are important, he mentions that each person has 5 primary needs, and for a successful relationship, their spouse must be providing ALL 5 of the PRIMARY needs. 4/5 just isn’t going to cut it. You need 5 out of 5. He also writes: “While both men and women share most of the ten basic needs, the order of their priorities is usually opposite.” Meaning couples need to be providing what their spouse needs; not what they need. I highly recommend this book to all of my engaged and married couples... great book for single people too but I realize I’m probably one of the few single guys in LA reading marriage and parenting books. Hahaha. I found the information in this book to be extremely helpful for understanding not only what characteristics I should be looking for in a future wife but also understanding my role as a future husband. What are your thoughts? I love you all, wish you all the happiest and most fulfilling lives possible. Have a beautiful day. I always appreciate your comments and shares. - PhillipAndrewLA - 4.11.18 

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