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You cannot force trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, or fruit to grow overnight. It can take weeks, months, even years. You don’t need to be a farmer or botanist to know the process takes time. So why in the heck do we expect instant results in developing the fruits, aka the successes, in our lives? It’s Monday. I ask you to wake up everyday this week and think about what seeds you can plant each day that will produce your desired fruit for your future. The first step is understanding what type of fruit — meaning what type of results — you are seeking. You wouldn’t plant an apple seed and expect a palm tree to grow. I know that seems obvious, but take a look at the seeds you are currently planting in your life and evaluate whether those seeds are going to produce the results you want. It’s quite simple. Now I could give 25 examples here, but none will be as powerful as the example currently present in your own life.  

What is the current seed you are planting that you know is NOT going to give you the result you want?

What is the crop you wish you had in your life, but have yet to plant any seeds towards its growth?

A farmer, gardener or botanist makes a decision on what they want to grow. They have a vision, and then they plant the appropriate seeds and take care of them to produce the correct result. They CREATE their predetermined result. IT IS INTENTIONAL. Decide what type of fruit you want to produce in your life, and then start planting the seeds immediately. It’s Monday!!! This is going to be an amazing week. Love you all. What seeds do you need to plant in your life? (*** props to whoever comes up with the best FarmersOnly joke) 3.5.18 - Phillip Andrew

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