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This morning, I witnessed a dude at the gym, STARING at a women on the lat pull down machine. It was ridiculously obvious, and uncomfortable for me to watch, so I know she must have felt it. I walked over his way to interrupt the weirdness but as I got closer he walked away and went on with his workout. As a guy, I cannot fully appreciate how often various men are creepy or weird or make women feel uncomfortable and objectified. And while I do not have the authority to speak for all men or any group other than myself, I will say this: There are weird people in this world. Flat and simple. There are some people that are low on the emotional intelligence spectrum and they may always be that way. I try to do my best at not seeing individuals as part of a bigger group... I really try to treat each individual as that, one person with hundreds of attributes that make them who they are. I hope this one woman at the gym doesn’t allow herself to be negatively impacted by this one strange man. Not all men are creepy Not all women are ____________ Not all lawyers are ____________ Not all blonde hair, blue eyed Geminis are ________ I guess my lesson is don’t give people power by allowing them to negatively impact you. Some people are weird, rude, nasty, hateful, destructive, broken, disrespectful, awful... we can’t change people if they don’t want to change. But my mission is to always see those people as INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE and not make generalizations with their behavior and attach it to others with similar attributes. While generalizing people at times is helpful, it more times than not is a form of GROSS LAZINESS and INACCURACY. Don’t let the creepy and weird and strange affect your day. Love you all. What do you think? Any comments? 2.28.18 

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