2 + 2 = 4

If you memorize this equation, than anytime you are asked what 2 + 2 equals, you would know the answer.

That is all good and fine, but it wasn’t until you understood WHY 2 + 2 = 4 that you actually learned something.

Once you understood the meaning behind the equation, the math and fact behind it, the philosophy behind it, then you could actually APPLY it to your life.

You were no longer limited to that exact equation, you now understood the principles, so you could answer a similar but not exact question like:

How many fruit total do you have if you buy 2 bananas and 2 apples? 

Because you understand the reasoning and the concept behind it, you are able to apply the reasoning to other things.

Now think of Motivational Quotes in the same way:

You can post all the quotes you want.

You can share them on Instagram with 30 hashtags.

You can wear your favorite gym shirt with a quote.

You can wear a necklace with a bible verse. 

But if you are only looking at the sentence inside of the “quotations” without all of the concept and reasoning behind it, you are like a kid that only memorized 2 + 2 = 4.

There is power in understanding the whole story, not just one sentence out of the book.

Now of course, I post a lot of quotes. I love quotes. I’m sure this message seems that I’m being hypocritical.

However, I also read the books, articles or at least the paragraphs that the quote comes from. I do my best to understand the full concept, not just the sentence. 

What’s the point of this message:


When we grasp the concept, then we can apply the principles and understanding to other situations in your life. 

If you are surrounded by motivational quotes, and still struggle to find the motivation in them:

Stop posting quotes, and start understanding the message. 

Last day of January... hope you enjoy the full MOON.

Welcome to February everyone. 

Love you all.

1.31.18 - Phillip Andrew 

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