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Yesterday, I watched a great video of a speaker presenting at a high school leadership conference. His name is Jeff Yalden and he was addressing a group of ‘student council’ presidents from Arizona. He was a powerful speaker, loud, enthusiastic, and he had the attention of all the future leaders packed into the auditorium. These were the kids that were going to be heading off to top universities; A very passionate group of students. The ‘best of the best’ so to speak. He paused for a second and asked all of the high school leaders: “Who in this room has a dream for their future?” 90% of the hands in the audience shot into the air. This was a huge room, we are talking easily 2500, maybe 3000 kids. That’s a lot of hands. A lot of dreams. The speaker wasn't just on the stage, but he was walking around the audience. Walking and seeing all of the hands right in front of him. Then his follow up question was powerful. “Who in this room can show me where your dream or goal is WRITTEN DOWN?” In an instant, the energetic room felt like all the air had been sucked out. He asked again. “Who can PROVE his or her dream by showing me where you have it on paper?” Silence. The hands began to slowly retreat. Of the thousands of future leaders, of all the hands that had a dream, their dreams only existed in their head. Perhaps they had been spoken dreams or just thought about dreams, but they had not yet found their way onto paper. _________________ Something powerful happens when you see your dreams and goals written in front of you. When they aren’t just a thought or a hope or an idea, but they are solidified. They stopped floating in the air and they become real. As you read or listen to this, I challenge you: Have the courage to prove your dream to yourself by writing down what you want. Thinking is important. Daydreaming is important. Fantasizing is important. But take it to the next level for yourself and write down all of your goals, and start to build a plan of how you will achieve them. ________________________ All of those future leaders felt as though their dreams were under attack because they couldn’t prove them. When their dream only existed in their head, as soon as a little insecurity was sprinkled in, it made the students question their dream. However, the students that had their goals on paper, their goals were solidified, they were able to stand confidently with their hands raised. There was no insecurity, for they had proof of their dream. So for all of us I say: PROVE IT ON PAPER. Make it real. ———— Yesterday, I did my ‘mind mapping’ exercise for my 2018 goals, feel free to reach out if you are curious about how to get started. As always, thank you for reading and I appreciate your likes, comments, and shares. Have a great week everyone. Thank God It’s Monday. - Phillip Andrew 1.22.18

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