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We hear these phrases like “love is all you need”, and “Love conquers all” or “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way”. We all have experienced love at one time or another and have shared it with people. We understand how great it is to give and to receive love. So why in the hell do we as a society have such a battle with the word LOVE? People often want to discredit the word “Love” or they think as soon as you start talking about love you are a “hippie” or you are someone who has lost touch with reality. How many times have you wanted to say “I love you” to someone but were nervous how it would be received? You questioned if it was appropriate or “too soon” or you talked yourself out of showing love to someone. Love isn’t just some BS word that other weird people in the world have but it’s not for us to give or receive. I personally believe there is no finite amount of love in the world. Love is abundant and infinite. As I share and spread love to other people, regardless of who they are or what they have done or “if people think they deserve it or not”, when I give away love, the love in my life multiplies. There is no scarcity of love in the world, there is a scarcity of people that recognize LOVE’s full power and world changing potential. Love family Love people that look and act differently Love friends Love people that didn’t vote the way you did Love strangers Love people that wrong you Love enemies Love people that hate what you stand for Be a person overflowing with love, for if you are overflowing it means you are FILLED. When you make a choice to share love with everyone, you can stop worrying about IF they have done enough to deserve your love and vice versus if you have done enough to earn love in your own life. Now you may read this or listen to this, and you may think “Man, Phil really became a hippie out there in California...” haha, while funny, I ask you why do conversations about love make us feel uncomfortable and make us want to put people in a box? Why do we want to separate ourselves from people that talk about and show love? When I say I love you, I mean it. I have been blessed by so many strangers in my life who showed me love and gave me love, that I have seen how amazing love is. I never want to withhold love from people. I never want people to feel as though they need to EARN my love, I want to just give it. Love is one of the only things in life I have experienced that the more I give it, the more I get it back. I never run out of it. It’s power never diminishes because I give it freely. Love isn’t some bullshit word. Love is powerful. Love is a connection to our fellow humans. Love is a gift. Love saves people’s lives. I love you all, and I am going to keep loving you whether you like it or not... 😎 Have a beautiful weekend everyone and share some love to the people in your world. I always appreciate your comments, thoughts, and shares. - Phillip Andrew - 1.20.18 

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