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I was at the gym yesterday and due to the weather, there was condensation on the windows. I walked up to the window, and I wrote a little motivating message. It was a small gesture, and the message eventually “melted” away, but for a short amount of time, my message was visually to everyone in that area. It got me thinking. What is YOUR Message? Think about it... if you were in Times Square, and someone handed you a dry erase marker and let you write or draw something on a 15 foot high board...what would you write? What is the message that you would want thousands of people to walk by and see? Would you write something funny, or political, or encouraging? Would your draw something vulgar or inspiring? What would your message be? If you don’t know, it might be a good thing to think about. If you know what you would write, then: GO OUT AND LIVE YOUR MESSAGE. Share your message with the world. There may be people out there waiting for someone like you to speak the message that has been placed on your heart. Get your courage together and step out into your purpose and share your message with the world. Be bold on 2018! Have a great weekend everyone. -1.12.18 - Phillip Andrew 

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