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Yesterday was my birthday.

In the past, my birthday has often brought anxiety and frustration. It’s a day that forces some self-evaluation.

Am I far enough in my career?

  • How does my life stack up against others?

  • Did I do enough in the last year?

Those type of self judgements can often lead to feeling of inadequacy and failure least for me they can. Is that really how I wanted to spend my birthday? Wrapped up in self-judgement, beating myself up over where I think I should be? HELL NO. That type of thinking does serve me for happiness. Instead, I choose to surround myself with the best in my world.  I have a tendency to do a lot of things on my own, and to forget to include other people in my life. THAT CHANGES NOW. I want to make sure I am surrounding myself with people that can encourage, inspire and motivate me, as well as people that I genuinely just love spending time with. Last night I did just that. And it was amazing. How do we apply this for 2018? Sure, you may say “damn, Phil. Spend more time with friends...that doesn’t sound like a groundbreaking suggestion.” But here is my point: We have to make a conscious and deliberate effort to make time for the best people in our lives. It is not always going to be convenient like when we were in High School. We need to be intentional about who we spend time with. If someone doesn’t make you a better person, it may be time to leave that relationship in 2017. I’m not saying cut people out of your life completely, but become realistic about what relationships should be given more attention and which ones shouldn’t. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WINNERS. Thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday texts, calls, videos, and messages. I love you all. Have a great rest of the week everyone. 1.11.18 - Phillip Andrew 

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