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IS YOUR LANGUAGE HOLDING YOU BACK? I was at the gym today and after my workout I decided to snag a Protein Shake. I was waiting on my order, and the guy in line behind me knew the workers of the juice bar. They asked how he was doing, and he said, “you know, same shit~different day.” There was a small amount of defeat and indifference in his voice. I couldn’t help but feel like ‘It’s only January 2...isn’t the New Year supposed to bring New Opportunity?’ It made me think: How does the language we use, our words and our tone play into our happiness and motivation? I don’t know anyone that has ever said “same shit ~ different day” with gratitude and excitement... think how many times you have said it or something similar. We all have ‘canned’ responses we give to questions about “how are you?” or “what’s new?” or “what’s happening?” It’s time to start being intentional about the type of life you want to be living. YOUR LANGUAGE MATTERS. If you want to be happy and excited and motivated, then start using language that is happy and exciting and motivating. Sound too simple? Good, then you won’t have to work very hard to test me. Try it out. Stop with the “same shit ~ different day” and the “nothings new” and the “I’m okay. It’s whatever.” Create the life you want and it starts with the language you use. Happy New Year everyone... 2018 is going to be an amazing year for me. I know it. I’m dedicated to it. Are you going to let it be an amazing year for you or is it going to be “same shit ~ different year?”

1.2.18 ~ Phillip Andrew

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