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QUIT QUITTING If I asked you to name an intelligent historical figure, you might say Tesla, maybe Edison, but most of us think of Einstein. Albert Einstein is the poster child of genius. Sure, maybe you think of a bagel ... hahah... but just the word EINSTEIN brings feelings of education, intelligence, brilliance, genius. But is that true? Was he more mentally capable than other people? Was he that naturally gifted over others, or was the key to his success his dedication and his desire to NEVER QUIT? Let’s ask him: “It’s not that I’m so smart, It’s just that I stay with problems longer.” - Albert Einstein Sound good to me Albert. So what does that mean for the rest of us? We all have everything we need to get started working towards what we want. Understand there are less qualified people out there doing what you want to be doing. What separates them? They don’t quit. They think about failing just like you do. They are nervous they might not have all the answers too. They probably wanted someone to give them permission too...but they made the decision to work hard, and when the motivation faded, when the honeymoon ended, THEY DIDN’T QUIT. Einstein was smart, there is no denying that. But that wasn’t the main reason he succeeded. His success was rooted in his discipline, his dedication, his obsession, and his decision to NOT QUIT that made all the difference. Whatever you want to start doing, START NOW. You are ready to begin. “It’s easier to balance the bike when it is in motion.” Love you all. 12.30.17 - Phillip Andrew

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