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We all know that we should not live life being controlled by the judgement of others, however, that is MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. No matter how much I know I shouldn’t pay attention to the thoughts and opinions of others based on how they judge me, it still happens. I am working to become less and less concerned with the opinions of others about myself and my life and my status...and today I read something that really stood out to me. Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher, wrote in his famous work “Meditations” about not listening to the praise or judgement of people who do not live their lives with virtue and integrity. He said: “do not value praise that comes from such men (the virtueless), since they are not even satisfied with themselves.” I want to achieve a mental space where I am not affected by the judgement of others, but I am not there yet. In the meantime, I will shift my thinking towards: Who’s opinion will matter for now? I will not allow the judgement of men and women to affect me when those people are not full of integrity, honesty, care, serenity, compassion. I will not listen to men and women who are trapped by their own insecurities, their own fear and self/doubt that cause them to act out against and negatively judge others. I will not be affected by the opinions of people who are not living life with integrity and honor. Until that day comes where I can completely unaffected by the judgement of others, I will be deliberate with whom I allow to influence my behavior. I want to be pushed and motivated and encouraged by the best men and women in order for me to become the best man I can be, and I will not be bullied into living a small life by those living small lives with negativity, fear, and insecurity. I will demand greatness of myself and if I will am to be judged, I will only accept judgement from the greatest of men and the highest quality of women. For 2018, I will seek out and be judged by the greats, not by the fearful and insecure. Love you all.

12.27.17 - Phillip Andrew 

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