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YOU ARE CONSISTENT... and that consistency is creating your results.

I was at the gym today working out, doing an exercise I’ve done for years, and the weight I was using wasn’t that much heavier than when I used to lift with my homie back in 2008. That realization hit me in a strange way today. I HAVE HIT A PLATEAU. What got me to this level isn’t what I need to take me to the next level. I consistently go to the gym, yet I do the same things. I am NOT pushing myself. I am getting the results that my actions and consistency create. Not getting the results I want is not my body’s fault. It’s not the dumbbell’s fault. It’s not the gym’s fault. The results fall on me. I didn’t stumble upon this plateau, my consistent behavior created this plateau. Here’s another way to look at it: If you plant an apple seed and you take care of the apple seed, and do everything to support that apple seed, you are eventually going to grow apples. Not oranges. It doesn’t matter how bad you wanted oranges. It doesn’t matter if you had the best intentions to grow oranges. 

Your hopes and dreams of having oranges didn’t mean anything because you planted apple seeds. I get that seems silly and obvious, but how often are we expecting results but we aren’t doing the correct and appropriate actions that those results require to be created. “We are getting the results that we deserve.” I know it sounds harsh, but can you really deny that it is true? I’m not talking about an unavoidable medical condition or someone involved in a car accident or situations like that. Those things are outside of a person's level of control. Please don’t miss the message because of extreme examples. For the rest of us, we cannot deny the fact that the results we are getting in life is because of the ‘crops and seeds’ we are planting. We are being consistent at something, and that consistency is creating our results. We need to be HONEST with ourselves and take an FEARLESS inventory of our actions, our habits, our routines, and our mindset. For 2018, are you going to take responsibility for your actions and results or will it be another year of blaming the world and others for not having what you want? Responsibility = Ability to Respond Let’s all have a #Courageous2018 

12.19.17 - Phillip A 

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