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IT’S TIME TO START LOVING OURSELVES. If I asked you, “Do you love yourself?”, of course the obvious answer is yes, but is that the truth? Do our actions and mindset represent the actions and mindset of someone that truly loves and believes in themselves? Someone asked me: 

“How do you celebrate Phil?”

It made me extremely uncomfortable to think about and I quickly realized that I don’t. In fact, I have identified areas of my life where I actually don’t support myself and where I don’t have my back. 

Areas of life where I judge myself very harshly. 

Areas of life where I am not trusting in myself.

Areas of life where I am not granting myself grace.

Areas of life where I don’t believe in Phil.

Flat out, I discovered that I accept self-doubt instead of stepping into confidence. I beat myself up rather than pick myself up. Do you relate to any of this? If any of this makes sense and it resonates with you — know that I am with you and others are too. So what can we do about it? For 2018, I want to work on loving myself in ALL areas. I want to open my eyes to ways I may be not allowing others to love me. For 2018, let’s not only focus on being better people that are showing up for our friends and family and coworkers, but let’s make sure that we are loving ourselves, believing in ourselves, and supporting ourselves as well. Have a great day everyone.


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