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Where does Integrity fit on a resume?

WHERE DOES INTEGRITY FIT ON A RESUME? LinkedIn is looking more like a social media platform these days and not just a digital place for your resume to live. In spending more time on there, you notice there are: So many job titles. So many educations levels. So many different institutions of higher learning. Quite often emphasis gets placed on what degree someone received and where they went to college. But are those alone good indicators of performance or work ethic? You can have 100 people that all know the same thing. They read the same books. They understand the material equally. They aren’t the same though. We cannot only evaluate people based on their education or knowledge. There are other factors that can be much more telling of someone’s success for a job opening. We should ask ourselves, are we creating space to evaluate a person’s character instead of just their credentials? It has been said that “most people don’t have a knowledge problem, they have an application problem.” After all, most people have the knowledge of the difference between right vs. wrong, but many make different choices when it comes to how they APPLY that knowledge. Knowledge isn’t the only factor of success, but our actions and how we choose to show up to the world is what really separates people. Our integrity. Our values. Our honesty. Our character. We are just a few weeks away from stepping into 2018, it doesn’t look like we are going to add a section to resumes for your core values anytime soon. But maybe for our lives, we start to ask ourselves: When making decisions on which people to allow in our lives, how important is someone’s Character to you?

- Phillip Andrew (12.12.17)

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