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What’s your 2018 New Years Resolution?

New Year’s Resolutions are normally made the week of NYE. It’s no wonder that most resolutions fail because we didn’t actually put any time into planning for it. 

We said we would stop smoking.

We said we would hit the gym.

We said we would start reading books.

We said we would ________ fill in the blank.

It’s not surprising that we quit since we never really built a plan for. If we want lasting change, we need more than a couple of days to lay out a year long plan for how we will complete it. After the age of 24, making resolutions is more of a joke because we know we will fail. We assume we don’t have what it takes to do the work and make the change. We laugh about it so we don’t have to hold ourselves accountable. How sad is that? It seems obvious to say “You failed going to the gym because you didn’t go to the gym”. It’s easy to say we failed because of a lack of action. And that’s partially true. But why did we fail to act? Maybe it is because we failed to change who we ARE... Instead of focusing on what actions you need to change in 2018, think about WHO YOU WANT TO BE in 2018. Start today to think about your character for 2018. Who do you want to be in 2018? More caring, loving, passionate, excited, enthusiastic, disciplined...who do you want to be? Don’t make your resolution about an action you lack the motivation for. That’s planning for failure. Make your resolution about being a better person, because when you become better, you will be motivated to do better actions. Put your character before your actions. Decide what VALUES you want to work on. And PLEASE spend more than 3 days planning for 2018. Love you all. Happy Humpday. 12.6.17 - Phillip Andrew 

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