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I watch Sportcenter in the morning. After I get home for the A.M. workout, I watch the highlights from the night before while I get ready for work. But while I watch highlights as a fan, the players take a different approach. They focus on GAME FILM. After each game, players and coaches spend hours reviewing their performance from the previous game. Every throw, every tackle, every catch, every touchdown, and every missed opportunity. They all get analyzed so they can be corrected. With athletes, the film doesn’t lie. There is no escaping the truth. It got me thinking, “What would happen if you and I took that same approach with our performance at home and at work?” If we sat down at the end of the week, and we looked at our lives and gave it an honest look.

How much effort did you really give at work?

Did you actively listen to the people in your life or did you rush through conversations?

Were you as honest, caring, thoughtful as you would like to be?

For those of you that are fantasy football fans, how angry would you be if your star draft pick didn’t correct his mistakes from one week to the next? Look at how quickly fans call for a coaches firing if the team isn’t succeeding. Maybe it is time we take a long hard look at our own performance. Not to beat ourselves up and feel bad about ourselves. But so we can get better. Have the courage to reflect on last week’s “game footage.” Identify the areas in life you are making mistakes, and make the adjustments so you can be better next week. Let’s not put more effort into judging the performance of people we don’t know then we do at pushing ourselves to be more effective in our careers, our relationship, and our lives. It’s time to watch some Game Film.

11.30.17 - PhillipAndrew 

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