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Win the Day — Rest Easy

How did you sleep last night?

Did you lay down and immediately fall asleep, or

Would your mind not shut off?

I used to think a lot about the incomplete items of my never ending to-do list. I would replay all the things I needed to achieve the next day in my head. Held awake by the things on my plate for the following day — It was exhausting...literally. Then I decided to start being more intentional with my day and goals. I start the day and ask myself, “What is the one thing that if I accomplish today, that if completed, I can rest easy tonight?” It was that simple. I didn’t worry about the week or month or year. I focus my attention to one achievable thing I could do TODAY. Then when my head hits the pillow, it knows that I Won the Day. When we Win the Day, we Rest Easy. Tomorrow will bring new decisions and challenges and opportunities, and that’s exciting...but I break things down into “one day at a time.” By Winning Today, I am able to find peace and my mind can actually get some deserved rest at the end of the day. Ask yourself, “What is the one thing that if you completed today, you could rest easy when you lay down tonight?” Be deliberate with your goal, take the action to achieve it, Win The Day, and then Rest Easy. Have a great Wednesday everyone. It’s almost December!!! I’ll be back in Michigan end of the month!

11.29.17 - Phillip Andrew 

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