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You should be so lucky to fail something today.

I fell over doing box jumps. I was at the gym, and I was jumping up onto a wall, and during my second set, BOOM... I fell over. Haha. My shin hit the side of the edge, it made a huge “thud” as I bounced off the wall, and I immediately frantically looked around. Did anyone notice? Who saw it? Are they laughing? My face turned red. My ego started getting all kinds of “feels.” I was going to abandon the wall and then a thought popped in my head. “This is why you are here Phil! To push yourself! Don’t stop, get another set!” I started to smile, I stepped back up to the wall, and I finished another two sets of box jumps. I damn near jumped over the box because I now had so much adrenaline pumping. I realized that my feelings (not my body) my feelings wanted me to stop. My feelings felt embarrassed. My feelings wanted to be body was fine. My ego was getting in the way of my hard work and pushing through towards progress and growth. This is the lesson I took away: “You should be so lucky to fail something today...with failure comes the opportunity to grow, the truth we are pushing our limits, and the chance to develop our character into one of a purpose driven person — resilient to the struggles of today.” I wrote that on a yellow post-it note, I put it on my wall above my desk, and I read it and remember it often. Life isn’t about chasing success and avoiding failure. Trying to avoid failure only prevents us from taking the necessary steps towards progress. I want to CHASE FAILURE. I want to find a little bit of failure every single day. If I uncover enough failure in this life, then I will eventually discover success. Don’t get caught up in your feelings.

Do you feel like getting up early...

Do you feel like going to the gym...

Do you feel like looking for a better job...

Do you feel like opening the book...

Do you feel motivated and perfect and ready...

Forget about your feelings and just start chasing failure. You should be so lucky to fail something today. Love you all, have a great day, and for all my friends and family on the east coast... it will be 90 degrees tomorrow in LA. Fun fact. HAHAH 11.21.17 - PhillipAndrew 

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