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REVEAL YOUR PURPOSE INTERROGATE YOUR HEART It has been said that: “The meaning of life — is to find meaning in YOUR life.” I think that statement taps into the idea that we all have different purposes, unique visions, individual missions. All of us have a purpose, and that purpose is personal. So how do we discover what the meaning of our life should be? ...we reveal it by forcing ourselves into a confession. I love cop shows. Prison docs. Crime dramas. CSI, Law and Order, Gangland. Haha...I think a lot of us enjoy those shows not only because it is a peek into a world we aren’t apart of, but also because the STAKES are so high. Freedom and Justice. Right and Wrong. Good vs. Evil. Many episodes have monumental interrogation scenes. There is so much building, so much under the surface ... questions, and lies, and truths, and omissions...and then... the Confession. The truth is out. Now we can see how the episode is going to unfold. We understand the episode’s meaning. We see the truth; there is clarity. There are few things with greater STAKES in our lives than to get to the root of our own mission, our own vision, our own meaning and purpose for life. If we want to get the truth and have clarity, then maybe we need to interrogate ourselves. Question our own hearts and don’t stop until you get to the truth.  

What do you want out of life?

Why do you want that?

Why do you really want that?

How would it feel if you accomplished that?

What is the likely outcome if we continue on our current path without any changes?

What is at stake???

Put yourself on trial. Interrogate your heart. Have the courage to ask the real questions that will reveal your mission, uncover your purpose, discover the meaning for your life. It might sound scary to interrogate your heart. But to me, it isn’t nearly as scary as reaching the end of my life, and realizing I didn’t live a purpose. Ask the questions to reveal your purpose, and then have the courage to go after it. The stakes are high. This is your life. 11.16.17 

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