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“...TIL DEATH DO US PART.” When people get married, that is one hell of a promise isn’t it. In sickness and in health, til death do us part. We are saying that no matter what, we are going to go through this life together. The good, the bad, the ugly, the difficult, the amazing, all of it. That is commitment. It isn’t easy. You can look at all of the divorce rates and know that it isn’t easy. But this post isn’t about divorce. This isn’t about the marriage between two people. This isn’t about the commitment someone makes towards another person... I want to talk about the commitment we are making to ourselves. It has been said that “the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard” because it is filled with the hopes and dreams and ideas and passions and music and books and movies and businesses that NEVER became real. People go to their graves taking with them their talents and thoughts and ideas that they were too afraid to share with the world. What if every person shined bright? What if all of us lived a passionate life? How much brighter and passionate and caring and powerful would the world be if we all made the commitment to ourselves they were were going to share the very best of ourselves with the world. Maybe it is time we marry our passion. Maybe we make a commitment to our own passion, and say: “I am going to give you all of me. I am going to walk this life with you PASSION. In sickness and in health, when I am tired or happy, when things are good or bad, I am committed to you, my passion. My dream. My goals. Til death do us part.” Let’s not go to our graves having not shared with the world the wonderful and beautiful and amazing qualities, ideas, passions that live inside of us. Let’s not be afraid to shine out of fear of rejection or uncertainty. Let us be bold, let us be passionate, let us commit to ourselves.  

Commit to your hopes.

Commit to your dreams.

Commit to the light that shines inside of you.

Commit to sharing your love with the world.

Commit to your passion.

And when times get Hard, when the struggle is real, when you don’t know if you can go on... “In sickness and in health, til death do us part.” MARRY YOUR PASSIONS. 

I love you all. Have a great day. 11.14.17 -

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