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Five variables of training

THE FIVE VARIABLES OF TRAINING: About a year ago, I read about the following 5 variables for training and practice. While these examples are in terms of fitness, they apply towards any type of training program or goal setting exercise. The 5 variables are: 1) Frequency 2) Intensity 3) Duration 4) Recovery 5) Reflection Often we can become obsessed with just one or two of these variables, and we can become discouraged when we aren’t seeing results. But to paint the FULL picture of our training program, we need to look at all 5. Right now, please PICK something you are currently working on so you can evaluate your routine as we go through these 5 variables. Maybe it is: Reading more, writing a business plan, spending quality time with your husband/wife, new diet, getting back in shape, finding a better life + work balance...whatever it is, think about it now so these five variables can become more relevant. The Five Variables for Training: Frequency - How often are you training? How many days a week are you working on it? Intensity - How much effort are you giving while training? Are you going through the motions or are you really pushing yourself? Duration - How long are you training for? Are you giving it 10 minutes or 90 minutes or 6 hours? Recovery - Are you resting an appropriate amount of time? Your body and your mind cannot be going 24 hours, it needs time to adjust to the work you have done. Reflection - Is your current system working? How would you rate your effort? What can be improved? When you break training down into 5 equal parts, you see that “running around the block at top speed once a week for 7 minutes” probably isn’t going to be very effective. Spending quality time with your wife for 15 minutes every Sunday night may or may not be what your relationship requires...but when you activate ‘reflection’, you can see what needs to change. Do I need to be more intense? Or am I lacking mental Recovery time? Or maybe my Frequency is my problem? When you use all 5 variables to evaluate your performance, then you have a more accurate understanding of your training regiment and are able to target which area or areas need more attention. I hope this is helpful for some of you as you move towards a better, healthier, happier, more full life. Love you all, have a great Friday and Happy Veterans Day. (11.10.17 

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