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HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR PAIN? Whether we choose to believe it or not, every person on this planet has experienced and gone through pain. From the man barely getting by on Skid Row to the millionaire sipping martinis at happy is impossible to get beyond the age of 10 years old without experiencing even the smallest amount of pain. We all have dealt with physical pain whether you fell off your bike as a kid, broke an arm during a sporting event, or cut yourself while making dinner. We all have also come through emotional pain. The first time we were laughed at in elementary school, that time you found out a friend lied about you behind your back, or that moment you learned someone wasn’t in love with you anymore. While we all have experienced pain at least once... and you know it has been much more pain than once...people can go one of two ways. 1) Use the pain as a reason that they are a failure, or aren’t enough, or will not be worth much in life. 2) See the pain as proof that they have been created for greatness. Their pain is evidence they are destined of something bigger and more powerful then their current circumstances. What’s the difference between these people? A CHOICE. Sure, you can come up with excuses why it’s easier for someone else, why they are different than you, how they had easier or harder than you did...but those are excuses. If you think your pain is evidence that you’re a failure, make the choice to see it as your evidence that you are meant for more. When the thoughts come into your head that make you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t or won’t...find examples of why you can, should, and will. Make a choice. I don’t care if you are 18 or 81, you have the ability to shift your thinking, you can find purpose in your pain. If you don’t know how...ask. If you don’t understand...try. If you don’t want to change...then stay the same. IT’S YOUR CHOICE. Here’s the thing, you have already gone through the pain, why not get a reward from It. Make the pain mean something. Make the pain worth something. We all love a comeback story, start to live yours today. So I’ll ask you again... “How are you using your pain? Have a great day everyone, love you all. (11.9.17 

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