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YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY The moment that your eyes open and you wake up in the morning, this is a powerful and critical moment. The thoughts we choose early in the morning will set the stage for our entire day. When we wake up dreading our work day, or wondering what problem we have to deal with today, or we are worrying that it will be cold outside... we are putting our day on a path towards being unhappy. However, if we wake up and make the decision that “something great is going to happen today”, if we think about how the weather will let us wear that outfit we love but haven’t been able to wear, if we think about the opportunities we have at work and who we can make smile today...then we are setting our day up for a big win. “Win the morning and you will win the day.” Now maybe you’re saying, “but Phillip, that sounds nice and all, but my mind doesn’t go there. I want to be happier, but it’s hard for me to focus on the good.” I have written a lot about how much I love gratitude lists and how powerful they are. But I recently heard another technique to tap into gratitude. I’ll share that now. Think about something you have that you struggle to be grateful for; perhaps something you complain about. Your job, your car that needs oil change or new tires, your elbow is sore from an injury, etc... now imagine you lost what you’re complaining about. You get fired and can’t find another gets tighter, you struggle with being out of work. Then after a few months, if they offered you your job back, more than likely you’d be grateful to be back to work. Think about your car gets stolen, and you can’t get another one for three months. You’d probably wish everyday you had your car back. How about that elbow? You guessed it. Imagine how much you’d miss that elbow if you lost it in a skiing or freak snorkeling accident. Seriously, you totally love your elbow. I love mine too, both of them actually. That may seem silly, but we have everything we need to be happy, it’s our perspective that we need to learn to control. Now if imagining losing something actually brings you happiness, then maybe you should do some deep thinking about whether you should keep it in your life. Remember, you have so much more power over your mind than you give yourself credit for. Don’t let the opportunities for happiness escape you, be intentional from the moment you wake up to be happy and joyous and enjoy life. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY (11.1.17 - 

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