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Happy Halloween!!!

HALLOWEEN ISN’T THE ONLY DAY THAT WE WEAR MASKS Happy Halloween everyone! I wish everyone a fun and safe day. For those of you that are going out trick or treating, I’m sure it will bring up memories from your childhood of going door to door in your costumes, trying to fill those pillow cases full of candy! You hoped it wasn’t some old person with pennies...let it be the “full snicker bar” house. That’s the holy grail! Haha.  Enjoy the time with friends and family and be present in the festivities, but I ask you take a quick moment, while the environment of “pretending to be something else” is all around us, think about what masks you are wearing around the other 364 days of the year. Many people wear around a mask to protect themselves from others. We “put on our best face” when we go to a job interview, we are in “first impression” mode when we go on first dates or meet someone new, but only you know how elaborate your mask is, and how far from the REAL you it is. Is your mask just a little bit of makeup and we can still see who you are, or do you wear around an Hollywood-Quality mask that even your closest friends and family no longer recognize you underneath? We can become trapped by the masks we wear. We can feel lonely and misunderstood deep down. If we are only giving others the “masked” version of ourselves, is it really even you? Do people really know you? Where does the mask end and you begin? Do you even know anymore? Get real with people. Take off your mask and let people see who you are. Be confident in that person. Stop adding to your costume with lies and omissions and stories, stop wearing the mask around all of the time. Enjoy today, enjoy Halloween, but remember it’s once a year, not everyday. Identify the masks that you are wearing, and have the courage to show the world who you really are underneath. I bet you’re pretty damn awesome! Love you all, have a great day and HAPPY HALLOWEEN 

(10.31.17 - 

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