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There is a part of me that keeps searching for some magical door in life; that door that I open and walk through, and on the other side, I will never have to face a problem again. Haha. We look at the things in life we have already overcome, and we think, “how much more do I have to deal with.” We say, “can’t I ever catch a break.” Many people experience this during early stages of addiction recovery. They get sober for a few months, they are doing the right things, and they think that all of life’s problems will and should disappear. Sadly to say, it is our entitlement that thinks we should be exempt from any type of hardship or difficulty, and the universe doesn’t care about our entitlement. The truth is there is no door. There is no magic moment in life that makes you invincible to life’s challenges. I often have to remind myself that I don’t get to take a shower on Monday and remain clean all week. I don’t say this for us to be discouraged and feel like trouble is around every corner. But I say it to remind us that life keeps coming. The amazing. The frustrating. The happiness. The heartbreaking. The mundane. The confusing. It all keeps coming. But when you accept that life will not always be rainbows and puppies and sunshine, you are that much more prepared for change and when it does come, it doesn’t rattle you, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Have an acceptance for hardship, struggle, and failure. Know that it will come, as will excitement, laughter, and beauty. We learn to enjoy all of life, not just the desirable. I use the phrase: “You can’t take a shower on Monday and be clean all week,” and it reminds me that everyday I need to be doing the positive things I know that work for me. For me it is reading, writing these messages, connecting with people, being honest with others about how I’m feeling, going to AA meetings, encouraging others, going to the gym, etc. I have learned how to take a “daily shower” that helps me live an resilient life. When Hard times come, I’m not shattered, because I don’t have to sit and think about “how to get clean” aka how to overcome. I simply get back to my “shower activities”, the activities I know will work. Today, think about the things you can do that help you to overcome, help you to reset your emotions, the things that guide you into happiness. Know what they are, and practice them daily...because MONDAYS SHOWER WONT KEEP YOU CLEAN ALL WEEK. (And guess what, it’s Friday... hahah Love you all. (10.27.17 - Phillip Andrew) 

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