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WILL I EVER BE A SUCCESS? I know that I have thought this many times in my life. I have all of these ideas about what success is and what it looks like and how will I get there. I have been looking at success as if it is this magical place that I am trying to get to, and maybe...kind of...sort of... I have a vague idea about where it is and how to get there. Sometimes I feel close to success and sometimes I feel like I’m on the wrong path. But I recently had an amazing mentality shift about success. When I started to look at my life with powerful gratitude and felt appreciation for all of the experiences I have had, the places I’ve been able to go, the people I’ve been able to meet, I started to question my beliefs about ‘SUCCESS’. I asked: “Who told me I’m not a success already?” “Who’s validation am I waiting on?” “Why do I think I’m not successful now?” The shift has made me think: “does my current belief about ‘success being somewhere in the distance future’ SERVE ME? Does this idea of success benefit me today?” While I am not going to stop working hard, become complacent, and stop moving towards bigger dreams, I’m also not going to forget to appreciate today’s moments, I’m going to be happy and feel fullfilled and be grateful towards my current successes. I am making the choice to see myself as a success. The man that I am, they way I show up for other people, the enjoyment with which I live life...that is a success... and if you look at the amazing things in your life, I guarantee you have tons of things that you can see as success in your life. When we view ourselves as a success, we don’t have to “worry” and “stress” about the future. We don’t get hung up on the FEARFUL question of “Will I ever be a success?” I get to see myself as “LIVING IN THE BONUS”. I have an amazing life, I have air in my lungs, I have a heart that beats, I have a body that moves. I have caring and passionate and loving and courageous people in my life. I am blessed, and if you are breathing and reading this, so are you. We have been giving this gift of LIFE. Some people never reach the age you are today, so see today as a gift. You don’t have to face a “life threatening” experience for you to see every moment from here on out as a BONUS. Look at the amazing things you have done and the experiences you’ve had, the situations you have overcome, and understand that you are a success. You are living in success. It’s all bonus from here. Obviously we want to keep growing, but being on the path to continued growth doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every second you are in the path. Enjoy this thing called life. Shift you thinking to know you are a success, and everything from this point forward is truly a BONUS. “Live in the Bonus” Have a great day everyone. Love you. 

10.26.17 -Phillip Andrew 

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