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WHAT’S YOUR NEXT STEP? You have a dream. You have a goal. You have a vision of the life you want, and then you realize you have no idea how to get there. You think how to do it, nothing comes to your mind, you feel uncertain, you feel unsure, you feel lost, you feel confused... you are overwhelmed, the limiting thoughts take over. You’re not smart, you’re not strong enough for that, you aren’t capable of that, your friends will laugh at that, your family doesn’t understand... You FREEZE, you STOP, you try to FORGET the dream and go back to life as you know it. You make no effort towards change. You are in the same place you were last year... If this hits home for you, you are not alone. Do not be discouraged. I am here for you. Today is a new day. Forget about “one day”, it is now “DAY ONE.” I was talking with a friend of mine who is a brilliant life coach, and he talked about an amazing tool I am starting to implement in my life. It’s a challenge of: “but what if you DID know...” Whenever I am thinking about a goal, but I don’t know the next step, he challenges me. “Phil, you say you don’t know the next step, but what if you did? What if you did know? What would it look like?” He is relentless. He won’t let me escape without providing an answer. The “how should I know” and the “I don’t know” and the “I’m not sure”...he won’t stand for it. He won’t accept the bullshit excuse. So we keep searching. The next time you feel lost, remember that you actually have a lot of answers already. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are more powerful and dynamic and resourceful than you think. Some of us have become really good at disguising excuses as something helpful. Excuses are not helpful. Excuses do not serve us. Excuses are evil. Our dreams have no interest in our excuses. So next time you feel overwhelmed or lost...Challenge yourself: “If you did know what the next step was, what would it look like?” “If you did have an answer, what would it be.” Many of us will be surprised at how much we already know. WHAT’S YOUR NEXT STEP?...force yourself to answer. 

(10.24.17 - Phillip Andrew) 

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