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HOW MUCH DOES A BAD HABIT COST? Many of us experience economic insecurity. Either we feel like we don’t make enough money, or we over extend our monthly expenses, or we have issues with setting budgets. We look at our paycheck and it’s gone almost before the check clears, it can feel hopeless. But right now, let’s not look at money from the position of “lacking money” and how we spend money, but let’s look at the opportunity cost of our daily habits and how we spend our TIME. In business and economics, an opportunity cost is defined as “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” Every action we take in life, comes with an agreement whether we realize it or not. When I go to the gym, that is time I’m not spending playing video games. When I play video games, that is a time I’m not watching Netflix. When I’m watching Netflix, that is a time I’m not reading a book. When I’m reading a book, that is a time I’m not following up on emails. When I’m not ... I think you get the idea. Every decision we make and activity we pursue, carries with it the opportunity cost of something else. It is our task to weigh our options, identify the best use of our time, and make the productive choice... make the best choice that will be the most beneficial to us in the long term. I am not here to question the way you spend your time, I am here to encourage YOU to question the way you spend your time. I don’t want to make you feel bad about what you did yesterday, I want you to feel empowered about how you will choose to spend your time today. 30 minutes spent on a bad habit, is not just 30 is 30 minutes plus the time that you didn’t work towards your hopes, Didn’t work towards your dreams, Didn’t work towards your visions. You might not be able to change your financial income overnight. You might not be able to walk into work tomorrow and demand an extra 10k, 20k, 50k for the year...but you can immediately change how you spend your time and be intentional about what you are spending in opportunity costs. So, I ask you... please think about it... HOW MUCH ARE YOUR HABITS COSTING YOU? Have a great day everyone, please feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments or just to say hello. Love you all. (10.20.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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