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HOW DO YOU DEVELOP A DREAM... I’ve talked with a lot of people that have expressed the anxiety or frustration around “not knowing their dream” or “their destiny”. They have never felt a strong pull in one direction or another, and aren’t sure what they should be chasing. That uncertainty can be disheartening. But even if we don’t know our specific dream or goal yet, one necessary step for all of us is: DEVELOPING A STRONG CHARACTER Sounds simple right...sounds like a clique right? Like a slogan or tagline without actual meaning right? Well let me use an example: I heard a woman tell this amazing story once, and it resonated with me. In our “Instagram - Instant gratification” culture, we often forget about the way that photos used to be created. In a darkroom. Photographs were taken into a room with no light, and it took time for them to develop. If any amount of light was shined on the photo before it was ready, the photo would be destroyed. If the process of development was interrupted by light, it would be ruined. Not let’s #Metaphor this scenario. Haha. You may not know your destiny, you may not know the role you are supposed to be in, you may not know what path to begin down, but WHAT YOU DO KNOW, is that when you get there, if your character is not strong and developed and complete, you can be ruined. You could be destroyed. We have seen many businessmen, politicians, entertainers, actors, singers who when the SPOTLIGHT shined on their character, it exposed them and destroyed them. *No need to name names. So look at yourself as that photograph. You may not know what your picture is, what the final version will look like, but we do know that if we have not developed ourselves properly, if we are not people of strong and unshakeable character, then we are risking shining light into the darkroom. Our live’s photo is at risk. My advice is to get into the process. Begin to look deep into your life, Look into the areas that if they were exposed right now, you would feel destroyed. ▶️▶️ Begin to right your past wrongs. ▶️▶️ Apologize where an apology is needed. ▶️▶️ Make amends for wrongdoings. ▶️▶️ Admit secrets that are holding you back. ▶️▶️ Begin to learn about your shortcomings and gain control over them. Be fearless in your understanding of yourself, so you can develop your picture. Once you have strengthened your character through the process and you have developed into the person you need to be in order to remain strong in the spotlight, then your visions, your dreams, your life’s picture will begin to come clear. I love you all. Have a great Thursday. 10.19.17 - Phillip Andrew

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