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ROLE MODELS AREN'T JUST FOR KIDS When I hear the term "role model", my mind goes to Superman or Batman; I think of a kid looking up to a football coach, or a Navy SEAL; maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger...ha. Some kids might look up to pro athletes like Lebron James or Serena Williams. I think the term "role model" makes a lot of us immediately think of kids...not so much ourselves as adults. But the truth is, we need role models just as much as children do... maybe even more. I don't know about you, but I damn sure do not always have the right answer. I can feel lost and confused about what's the next step of life. I get overwhelmed and unsure of the path and journey ahead. I can feel alone and misguided pretty quick if I am simply relying on myself. I think it is important that as adults, we Learn to turn to role models, real-life people of wisdom and people of character for us to get understanding of the next step. Find people that we respect their lives. I'm not saying we try to be that person, but we look at the things that work for them, and then we see how we can implement their actions and attributes into our world. Look for people that treat others the way you wish you could treat others. People that handle hardship the way you wish you could handle hardship. People that perform on a daily level the way you wish you could perform at that level. And then we study how they did it. Look to a person with a "successful" life (however you determine success) and then study what they did and what they continue to do. Examine how they act, think, behave, and then have the courage to make changes in your life if it will serve you. Role Models are not just for children. Role models are powerful guides and examples on how to live an extraordinary life. Begin to think about who you would like to model your life after. Who can you look to for guidance? Who do you look up to? Who could be a role model in your life? Love you all, have a great day folks. 10.17.17 - Phillip Andrew

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