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LOSE THE TRAINING WHEELS When we were learning how to ride a bike, many of us began with training wheels. The training wheels allowed us to discover balance without the risk of falling down. It protected us. It kept us safe. So why not just always have that protection even as we got better at riding??? Well, because training wheels limited speed, they get in the way, hell they weren't cool. Haha. At a certain point, in order to have the freedom and joy of riding our bike, we had to lose the training wheels. #HereComesTheMetaphor There are a lot "training wheels" in life, but now they aren't as obvious as the ones on your little pink or blue bike you had when you were 5-6 years old. When we were little and crying, our parents gave us a pacifier. When were were restless, they gave us a security blanket. If we were upset someone gave us a stuffed animal or a device or a toy to distract us with. As kids, we subconsciously learned that if something was "wrong", it could be fixed with an object; with some 'thing' outside of us, something external. For some people, this could have impacted our ability to self-sooth; to be able to correct our own behavior and attitude. Maybe we began to look at these objects as things that we needed to protect us, needed them to help us balance our lives. Began to see objects and other people as crutches. I'm not saying this is everyone, each of has to look at the "objects" in our lives that have become crutches or soothing mechanisms for us. They are like the training wheels that were supposed to temporarily help us balance but now we rely on too much, and perhaps they are now preventing us from stepping out into freedom. Is it TV? Is it Food? Is it shopping, drugs, Netflix, alcohol, social media, celebrity gossip, sex, partying, money, religion, fitness, work, etc. I'm not saying any of these things are bad on their own, but it is our relationship to these things that can become a crutch, a need, the subconscious training wheels that are preventing us from stepping into a life full of freedom. In order for us to enjoy the full freedoms in life, to chase our dreams, to live passionately, to be motivated...we have to be aware of the areas that we have developed mental crutches and have the courage and discipline to get rid of the crutches. Say no to external soothing mechanisms. LOSE THE TRAINING WHEELS (10.14.17 - Phillip Andrew) 

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