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OWN YOUR MISTAKES We ALL make mistakes, some small and routine, and others massive and embarrassing. A few days ago we talked about perfection and how it is a trap. (Thank you all for the positive feedback) When you understand that 'perfect' is not real, it makes it easier to accept that everyone makes mistakes. It is just part of life. Do not run from your mistakes. Do not try to spin your mistakes. Do not try to pass the burden of your mistakes. Don't make a mistake worse by not owning it or by trying to sweep it under the rug or pass the mistake onto someone else's shoulders. When we do that, we are just building a house on unsteady ground. We are trying to protect our ego. It's been said: "Control our ego or our ego controls us." It's so true. OWN YOUR MISTAKE. Admit when you are wrong. Think back to the last time someone around you admitted they made a mistake...did you yell at them even louder? Did you try to pile on the guilt? Or did you respect them for their honesty and try to help them fix the problem? I bet you handled their admission with care and respect and trust. The same thing will happen when you admit your mistake. Making mistakes is human, admitting our mistakes is heroic. Taking responsibility is what leaders do. It's what champions do. Owning your mistake is how you embody strong character; it's how you live a life that demands respect. Hiding from our mistakes only makes us feel smaller in the long term. Have the courage to admit when you are wrong, and do your best to make it right. Don't layer mistakes on top of each other. When you take ownership of your mistakes, others will take ownership of theirs. Finger pointing and blaming will not produce change nearly as powerful or long-lasting as OWNING MISTAKES will. Be courageous and honorable and humble. Be honest and truthful and vulnerable. OWN YOUR MISTAKES, and you will never be a slave to them. Love you all, Friday is here, hope you have a great weekend everyone. (10.13.17) 

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