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YOU ARE NOT YOUR LIMITING THOUGHTS We all have those thoughts that have been circulating around our minds for years and years, if not decades. Some of those thoughts we have had so long, that we have actually come to believe them as our truth. They are negative stories that were either giving to us by others, or we started to develop based on our lives and view of the world. They say: I'm not good enough to do that. My father wasn't there for me so ... I didn't come from a wealthy home ... I'm just too nervous around people ... I had a child too young, so I can't do .... That's just the way I have always been ... My mother wasn't supportive of me ... I don't have a college degree so ... No one is going to want me because ... It is what it is ... I'm not worthy of greatness because ... Whatever the reasons we give, they are limiting thoughts. Regardless of where they began, over time we adopted these limiting thoughts as as a belief structure and our reality. But they are not who we are. We weren't brought into this life to just drift through, being victims to the circumstances of our life's and just going through the motions. You and I were created for greatness. For a full life. An extraordinary life. We all have the opportunity to dream big and chase it. Now not every dream needs to be something on scale with the plots of hollywood movies. Maybe your dream is to just be a great father or mother, to be good to the people in your world, to have a local impact where you matter what our dreams are, it is most likely the false narrative of limiting thoughts that is preventing us from achieving it. Hear me now: YOU ARE NOT YOUR LIMITING THOUGHTS. Where you are today, doesn't need to be where you find yourself in a year. When you "hear" a limiting thought in you head, flip it. Draw a line in the sand and Start to tell yourself no more will you listen to the small, negative "stories" of the past, we will write a new story for our future, and we will make those chapters a beautiful story of triumph, redemption, and fearless + joyful accomplishment. We will live a great life. We will live a full life. We will live a passionate life. And we will not be held down by the lies that come to us as limiting thoughts. I love you all, have a great Thursday. 10.12.17 - Phillip Andrew 

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