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UNLEASH YOUR MIND MAKE IT REAL WRITE IT DOWN Have the courage to write "it" down. What is "it?" "It" is your goal "It" is your dream "It" is your idea "It" is your brilliant thought. A lot of us have ideas racing around in our minds all day. We have full conversations in our head. We think of the things we want to do, we have a mental checklist.... And that's all fine and good, until LIFE HAPPENS. How many times have you stopped and said..."damn, what was I just thinking about 3 seconds ago... how is it gone already???" I have it happen all the time where I get up, walk into a different room and 14 seconds later don't remember what I was doing there. Hahaha. WRITE THINGS DOWN. Buy a journal + write things down. Write down the idea that you have. Write down the people you need to connect with. Write down your goals, make them real. When the ideas and thoughts and goals are only in your brain, they can escape us quickly. But when you put them on paper, they are real. They aren't going anywhere. Life's business cannot wash them away in an instance. Write down your thoughts, ideas, feelings, goals, struggles... get it out of your head and onto paper. You have a powerful mind, but you also need to give it room. When your mind is just trying to recall the same things over and over it doesn't have the freedom to run wild. Think of your mind as a horse in a enclosed area. Sure the horse can move around, it might even be able to trot and jump and gallop, but it is limited to its environment. When you Write things down it is like opening the gate for the horse, giving the horse freedom to sprint and leap and change direction... to exercise the true brilliance and power that a horse is blessed with. When you write things down, you are giving your mind the ability to do the same. Set you mind free. UNLEASH YOUR MIND, MAKE IT REAL, WRITE IT DOWN If you don't know where to start, do a 5 item Gratitude list. Have a great day y'all. (- Phillip Andrew 10/11/17)

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