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BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO SPENT TIME WITH. No one wants to be around jaded, entitled, judgmental, cynical, unhappy people. I know that I don't, and I assume 96% of you reading this don't either. (***no science behind that 96%... haha) We want to be around happy, encouraging, supportive, energetic, passionate people. We want to be around the people that make us want more. We want to be around people we admire and we are interested in and we are impressed by. So be that person. the person that you want to spend time with. Anytime that I catch myself being ungrateful or entitled or judgmental ... and it happens often... I stop and ask myself: ➡️ If you met you right now, would you want to hang out with ➡️ Are you being the type of person that you expect others to be? Or the big one that I have mentioned in previous posts... ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ "What would the world look like if everyone in the world was behaving like you are right now?" That normally is the jolt I need to readjust my attitude, shift my perspective and BECOME THE PERSON I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH. (10.7.17 - Phillip Andrew) 

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