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NO MATTER WHAT I'm in St. Louis right now in my hotel on a work trip, and I'll be honest, I didn't want to get up early today. I wasn't feeling particularly motivated today. I wanted to sleep, I wanted to lay there. But I couldn't. I couldn't because I made a commitment to myself. That commitment is: No matter what, I stick to my routine. So I did. I have learned that I can't get caught up in my feelings. I need to keep my word to myself. Every step of the way, every day, every circumstances will provide me an easy way out. There are excuses. There are setbacks. There are failures. There are days that we "just don't feel like it." But the more excuses you pick up, the more frequently we will find ourselves saying we "just don't feel like it", that becomes our habits. We begin to drag through life, being controlled from one set of feelings to the next, and a lot of times our feelings don't want to do the work. Our feelings many times let us down. I am so glad I didn't just lay in that hotel bed. I'm glad I held my commitment to myself. If I can't keep my word to myself, what good is my word to anyone else? We will all find our own success when we make a deal with ourselves that we will take action NO MATTER WHAT. We will do the task we have been putting off NO MATTER WHAT. We will get up when the alarm clock goes off NO MATTER WHAT. We will go after our dream NO MATTER WHAT. We will do the work MO MATTER WHAT.

When we clear out the mental space currently occupied by the feelings, excuses, emotions...we make room for resilience, discipline, dedication, freedom and passion. Have a great day every. I love you, NO MATTER WHAT. (10.6.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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