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CREATE URGENCY I heard a story of a man talking with a woman who complained that she struggled with procrastination. The man ask her, "if I said meet me here tomorrow morning at 4:30a and I'll give you 3 million dollars, what would you do?" The woman very quickly said, "I'd be here at 4:15a" as she laughed and smiled. The man said, "see, you don't have a procrastination problem, your goals just aren't that important to you. You have no urgency for your goals." I am sure we would all be up super early for 3 million dollars, haha, but when we look at our goals, it's important for us to wonder why we aren't taking the steps toward achieving them. One way that I have found to help myself take action is to create a sense of urgency around things. Shift my mind from thinking that something is months away, or years away, or maybe "one day I'll do this." more of the "one day..." thinking. TODAY... NOW is the time to take the first step. Life will continue to happen, there will continue to be new obstacles that we weren't thinking about, life will get in the way. So we have to act URGENTLY. When we have time today, get it done today. Look at your goal and make sure it is big enough for you to be urgent for. If you believe that on the other end of your urgency was 3 million dollars, you would find a way wouldn't you? So make sure your dream is big enough and you believe in it and create the urgency in your action to crush the fear and procrastination. Be the Urgent Care Doctor of your dream! Haha. Love you all. (10.4.17 - Phillip Andrew) 

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