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I have always admired my father. He knew from a young age what he wanted to be. Since he was a little kid, all he ever wanted to be was a police officer, and he made it happen. I always envied that. My dad was and is my hero, but in some ways I thought there was something wrong with me since I didn't have a dream that was obvious to me as his was to him. I never had one clear goal or dream in life that I was so passionate about that it was an obvious career path. I had dinner with a friend the other day and she explained the same feeling. This feeling of lack of direction, wishing we had a shouting voice in our head telling us what we should be doing. Tell us where to put our energy. We want certainty.

But as I thought and thought about this, it dawned on me that for someone of us, probably most of us, our dreams are not shouting in our brain, they are whispering in our heart. If we were really honest with ourselves, and we really took the time to listen to the whispers, we would admit that we know what we want....maybe it isn't in the form of a career. Maybe it is more of an idea, a way of life, a legacy we want to leave for our family.

I encourage you to sit in silence with yourself, just listen to what your heart and mind are telling you.

Ask them what they want. Ask yourself what you truly want. What do you really think is going to make you get the most out of life? What is that dream you have always had that is just a whisper?

Is it being a writer, becoming a nurse, a musician, learning that language, traveling the world, helping others, having a big house for your family, etc...whatever it is, listen to your heart and mind. Listen to the whisper. I bet for many of us, the answer has always been there, we were just too busy waiting on shouting instead of trusting the whisper. -Phillip Andrew (10.1.17)

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