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My "SELF" is not yours, it is MINE.

My "SELF" is not yours, it is MINE.

SELF-doubt SELF-esteem SELF-awareness SELF-sabotage

Only you know where you stand with the phrases above, but the amazing thing about all of them is power to change lies with the common thread: SELF.

No one else is in control of those things. Your SELF is yours. My SELF is MINE.

I have the ability to control my Doubt, control my awareness, control the level to which I sabotage myself. There are a lot of things in life that I have ZERO CONTROL over. But one area I have ABSOLUTE CONTROL is in my SELF.

I control my attitude, my outlook, my mentality, my actions. And the beautiful thing, is you control yours. In a life where there are a lot of things out of your control, have the courage to take ownership over yourself.

Work to manage your Self-doubt. Create a powerful Self-esteem. Learn to live with incredible Self-awareness Diminish and destroy your Self-sabotage.

I have the power to control my focus, my vision, my is a choice. A simple choice. I am dynamic, I am powerful, I am ready, I way more than enough. I am a champion. And so are you...I love you. Have a great Friday everyone.

(9.22.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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