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When I was in elementary school, and I had to go to the bathroom, I raised my hand, the teacher would call on me and they'd grant me permission, and then I could go to the bathroom. (Fun little story, huh? ....haha.)

I was required to get approval, I needed the teacher to say it was okay for me to do what I needed to do. They had to grant me permission to go to the bathroom.

Now, I no longer ask permission to go to the bathroom...haha...but I did find it necessary to take a look at my life as an adult, and identify the areas of life that I was still seeking for the approval of others in.

---Are there areas of your life you are still waiting for permission?

---Are there things you are hoping someone will grant you approval to do?

---Are you looking to other people to support your dreams before you start?

---Do you feel stuck because you don't know what the next step is and you are hoping someone will come along and show you what to do? Someone to validate you and your dreams?

We are adults. We do not need to ask for approval to chase dreams, to make changes in life, to take the steps toward traveling, to begin that new healthy lifestyle, to write that song...

Many of us were raised to ask permission and rely on other people so much that we forgot how POWERFUL we are. We are looking for a parent, or teacher, or boss to show us the way. But you have the tools and the abilities already within you to get moving toward what you want and to do the things you need to do.

Do not sit at that elementary school desk with your hand raised hoping someone will call on you and give you permission/approval/support to chase a fulfilling life. Be an independent adult, Stand up and take care of business!!!!

It's a Wednesday...which means nothing more than another amazing 24 hours to make things happen.

(Phillip Andrew - 9.20.17)

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