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When I moved from Metro-Detroit to Los Angeles, I knew it was going to be a struggle. I knew it wouldn't be easy. I don't know if I quite understand how hard it would be...haha...but I knew it would be tough.

So inevitably, it was a struggle for me in Los Angeles. But something else happened too... I had friends struggling in Metro-Detroit. They struggled to find work, to pay bills, to pay rent... the same struggles I was facing in LA.

Well, if you are reading this I am sure you have struggled many times regardless of where you live at. People struggle everywhere. Struggles will come to us whether we are in our hometown, or in NYC, or in New Zealand. They will come whether you are chasing the biggest dream or settling for the smallest. Struggle is not really something we can avoid completely no matter how much we may try. We need to stop running from struggle and hardship and failure, and ACCEPT that it will find us from time to time regardless of where you are or whatever goals and dreams you are going after...and then once we ACCEPT that STRUGGLE IS INEVITABLE, why not make it worth something?

Now I'm not saying move to LA...we have enough people here already, hahah. JK. But what I am saying is GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT. Start that business, get to the gym, become a vegan, only eat meat, haha...

I don't care what your dream is, but I do know that struggle is coming for you and it will find you, so you might as well chase something that makes your heart explode with passion. Do something that makes you feel alive, something that gives you purpose. On the other side of fear... is everything you've ever wanted! Go for it!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday. (9.19.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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