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Right now, there is someone lying in a hospital bed. Their life is coming to an end, maybe they are older or maybe they are your age. They are thinking about their life, they are thinking about the hopes and dreams that they had, that they were afraid to go after, they were afraid of the ridicule, they were afraid of the failure, and now it's too late. Now they lay in this hospital bed, and their last breathe is quickly approaching, the power of their heart is fleeting, and they are feeling the regret of their decisions.

I describe this situation to illustrate that there are people in this world, that would trade positions in life with you in an instant. IN AN INSTANT. They would happily agree to take on your life with 100 percent of all of your positives and every one of your negatives.

They would love to be at your level of health and fitness.

They would gladly take on your current financial situation.

They would joyously accept your levels of motivation and your procrastination struggles.

They would gladly take these things because they would appreciate the powerful understanding and belief that they have the ability to CHANGE it. They could Improve their health, improve their finances, improve their motivation.

They would cry tears of joy to have the things we pity about ourselves.

There are people that would gladly take on your struggles, and they would feel blessed to have the things you complain about.

We all have a choice, to either live our lives with purpose, and boldness, and courage, and acceptance, and resilience, or we may very well one day be lying in a hospital bed, wishing we could trade places with someone who is where we CURRENTLY are.

Do your future self a favor, give yourself a life that you can look back on in your final days, and know you went all out. You lived fully. You overcame fear, you overcame the small feelings, you accepted the challenges and made the most of your life. We do not destroy regret in our final moments, we destroy regret TODAY by chasing our dreams, by living a full life, by telling those we love that we love them, by being bold and courageous. It has been said before that "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Live your best life.

(9.14.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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