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WHY YOU? .... NO --- WHY THEM!

WHY YOU? .... NO --- WHY THEM!

Now I hate to compare myself with other people since I don't like to practice anything that even remotely looks like codependency....BUT... Haha.

While I know to "relate" instead of "compare"... I often fall into the following trap:

I look at my goals, and I get motivated. I get into action, and I'm inspired. Then slowly I start to see the work ahead of me, the tough road coming, and I get discouraged. Then I see all the other people trying to do the exact same thing I am, and then that little voice starts creeping in:

What makes you think you're special?

How are you different?

They are already in front of you?

You're late to the party.

This isn't going to work.

You're not good enough.

...WOAH!!!! Easy Bro...get outta my head. Lol. Anyone relate??? I start to think, Why Me?

But wait a second... WHY THEM? What makes them special? How do I know they aren't two days away from quitting? Why should I believe they don't have the same mental game and annoying voice in their head too?

Maybe they are just a crazy as I am. Haha... so why am I not going to chase what I want because of someone else. So now I try to let my thought process be:

Why me ⬇️

Why them ⬇️

Why do I care what they do ⬇️

I know my value ⬇️

I know what I want ⬇️

I believe in myself ⬇️


Boom... Phil is right back in the game!!!

Not sure if that helps anyone...but it sure as hell just helped me. Have a great day everyone!!!

( - Phillip Andrew 9.12.17)

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