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We all know that kids can ask a lot of questions. If you are a parent, you know this for a fact. haha. Lots and Lots of questions. What is their favorite question? ... my title is a bit obvious huh?... WHY!

- Why is the sky blue?

- Why does Red mean Stop?

- Why do I have to go to bed?

Hell, lots of times it is even stuff we don’t know the answer to. Don't we feel ridiculous when THAT happens. Haha.

But what happens when we do know the answer??? hit us with the “But WHY”… give them an answer… ”But Why”, another answer, another “But Why”….hell it can be super annoying right? Any parents reading this relate and agree? WHY...WHY...WHY...

But what do we do when we become frustrated or annoyed with the questions? We say, "because it just is" or "Stop asking" or "Don’t worry about it until you're older" ... but what we are really doing is KILLING the curiosity out of them; We are killing their inquisitiveness.

Now the sad and crazy thing about this situation, is that it happened to us. When we were little, we WANTED to know WHY. We WERE curious…we wanted to PEEL THE ONION. We wanted to peel all the layers back, we wanted to get deeper so we could truly understand things.

It is INSTINCT for us to want to know THE WHY!!!

But by being annoying, by getting yelled at, by having adults crush us when we wanted to know more... we learned to be surface level. We learned not to ask the deeper question. We stopped as soon as we have enough information to pass the test and didn't dig any deeper. But we need to go deeper. We need to be willing to PEEL THE LAYERS OF THE ONION.

Ask yourself WHY!

---- Why do you act the way you act?

---- Why do you believe the things you belive?

---- Why do you care about the things you care about?

---- Why do you fear the things you fear?

Once you have an answer...ASK WHY? Dig deeper. Keep Digging. Eventually you will either A) Get to the bottom of who you REALLY are and what you REALLY want, or B) realize you have no damn clue why you act and behave or think the way you do…maybe even a bit of both. ASK WHY, peel the onion, and TRULY DISCOVER who you are, what you want, and why. (Phillip Andrew 9.7.17)

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