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We all have dreams. We all have passions. We all have that feeling deep inside of us that says we want something more. We are destined for something bigger than ourselves. When Those dreams, those passions, are the TRUE and DEEP and PURE desire of our heart, they help point us toward our life's purpose. Your life purpose is right. Your life purpose is just. Your life purpose is the GOOD inside of you.

But there is also something inside of you that is the opposite force. It is the force that says:

- "that's only a dream"

- "you're not meant for that"

- "that's too big for you"

- "you aren't smart | pretty | strong | rich | special | normal | tall | fun | talented | FILL-IN-THE-BLANK enough."

That force that is working against you is not external. It is not your boss, it is not your friends, it is not your "haters", it is not your situation....It is not outside of you, it is inside of you. Author Steven Pressfield calls this force "Resistance". We also call it THE ENEMY, and it is real. But we do not have to lose to this enemy. We fight against it not by ignoring it, not by pretending it isn't lurking in the corner, we fight against it by acknowledging its existence, recognizing its tactics, and accepting its relentless nature. We all know that vampires can't come in your house unless invited right...haha... sad truth is the enemy isn't a vampire. It doesn't need our permission. For some reason, it is already inside of us. But that doesn't mean it will win.

The first step in defeating the enemy is knowing how to separate ourselves from it. While the enemy is in us, it is not IN-CONTROL of us unless we give it permission. That permission we still have control over. We learn to identify when it is the enemy talking or when it is our passion talking. "Is it my calling talking or is the enemy acting a fool?" Once we know how to recognize the enemy for its small words, for its insecurity tactics, for its nonsensical doubts...we learn to give more power to our passion, to our dreams, more effort goes to our purpose. We develop our weapons. The enemy will find new tactics, but we learn it's tricks. We aren't slaves to our enemy. We are free. We see the enemy everyday and we laugh at the ways it used to get to us. We no longer let the enemy waste our time and energy and gifts. Yes, the enemy is real, a real pain in the ass, but we will not be defeated. We will be free. We will conquer the resistance. We will conquer the enemy within. (8.31.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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