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EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Well, no shit. Haha.

Seriously, we hear that statement all the time. And if we are going to be honest, we probably say it a lot too. Whenever we hear a suggestion that we think will take more work than we are current willing to provide, we say it. We say it with everything from simple tasks to large ideals. Whether it is doing homework, getting out of bed when the alarm sounds, keeping your kitchen sink clean... or talking about living with honor, treating others with love, working towards our career goals... practically any and everything. People will say "Yea, well, that's much easier said than done." It is such a DEFEATIST way of talking isn't it? It is instantly giving ourselves permission and self-justification on while we will FAIL. It allows us to accept the mentality of "Hell, why even try?"

When we hear someone say "We should love our enemies" is our response: "...yea, sounds nice, but easier said then done."

But I must point out the fact that, aren't 99% of things easier said then done? That doesn't mean we don't do it. It is easier to say, "Hey son, go take out the trash" than for him to actual go and take out the trash. But just because it's easier said than done doesn't mean he doesn't do it. It's actually ridiculously EASY to SAY almost anything. It's words, they are fast, quick, roll right off the tongue. But the fact that it is easier to say IT than doing IT doesn't diminish the fact that IT SHOULD BE DONE. The trash has to be taken out.

Saying "Easier said than done" is an EXCUSE. It is a statement of acceptance in the fact that we do not want to take the necessary action to achieve the desired result. We are resolving ourselves of the responsibility to act by blaming the perceived difficulty of the act or situation. We are playing small. We are being fearful. Do not allow the fact that something is HARDER to do than talking about it prevent you from doing it.

When we are called into ACTION by life, and we fail to act: AT BEST, we are lazy...AT WORST, we are a coward. We are not meant to be cowards, we are not meant to be afraid, we are called to be greater, we are called to be courageous, we were created to be resilient, and strong, and bold, and powerful. Stop allowing yourself the excuse that it is "easier said than done." Don't worry how hard it is, if you know it is RIGHT and JUST, then DO IT! Let us have the courage to develop a spirit and identity of ACTION. (8.30.17 - Phillip Andrew)

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