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Just because we are "busy" doesn't mean we are effective. We hear people all the time talk about how busy they are.

"How are you?" "oh man, so busy." "Really? What have you been busy with?" "I mean, you know. This and that. Life. Just busy."

Now yes, we have a lot going on in our world today. And a lot of what is going, is simply a distraction. LOTS AND LOTS OF DISTRACTIONS.

But how effective we are will be determined by how well we can sift through the meaningless and mundane "busyness" that is plaguing our society, and actually put in hard work that is disciplined and intentional toward defined goals.

I read a book by CEO/Executive Coach Steve Chandler, and he said "busyness is laziness. It is lazy to be busy. It's lazy for me to occupy myself with all these small tasks when I know deep down that none of them will produce wealth. This "busywork" is an enemy to my financial success."

Remember, even the ANTS are busy...we have to ask ourselves. "What are you busy with?"

---Are you just doing busy work or are you actually working towards real goals.

---Are we just going through the motions of life and calling it busy to make ourselves feel better? ---Are we saying we are busy so we can hopefully avoid someone asking a favor of us?

---Are we saying we are busy because it makes us feel productive?

Take ownership over your actions, be deliberate with your time, invest in yourself and your personal growth. Look at how you spend your time, the things you are "busy" with, and ACCURATELY EVALUATE what can be eliminated, changed, shifted in order to make time for the things that will give you excitement and fulfillment out of life.

A person sitting in a rocking chair may be busy rocking that chair...but are they going anywhere?

I love you all, have a great Friday - Phillip Andrew 9.29.17

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